Dream solution for healthy skin

With the hectic lifestyle that I lead, I seldom get the time to look after myself. With increasing pressures, I tend to be more negligent about my well-being, overlooking the hideous dark shadows and unevenness of tone that developed over the years. I was aware and even tried a couple of products, before losing hope eventually. I started obsessing over the effects of these high-flying, branded products, and realized soon enough that they either showed only transiently beneficial results or none at all. My friend told me about Amino Collagen, a product that she read about on the internet and decided to try. I could see her skin had started glowing off late. She insisted I try it and I did. And I think this is one of the best ‘beauty decisions’ I have taken in so many years! Nearing the other side of fifty, I had kept my expectations low. How much could a product salvage your old, drooping skin? But the powder was nothing less than a miracle. The change that it brought about within the first fortnight was incredible. I could see a drastic reduction in my usage of make-up to hide lines and wrinkles, to conceal dark spots. My face looked healthy and bright, something that I haven’t seen in ages. The powder needs to be dissolved in a liquid, like milk or tea, or solid foodstuffs. You can mix it with just about anything that you consume. As per their instructions, I took one tablespoon every day. The smell is a little odorous, so it’s best if you mentally prepare yourself for that. Anyway, the results are so phenomenal, that you will never feel like investing in any other product! It’s a dream solution for achieving bright, lively skin!

Pros : no adverse effects, can be consumed with all food types, immediate results.
Cons : nil

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